Hello, and a warm welcome!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”

Oscar Wilde

I’m glad you found your way here

You are unique and need to be
understood in your own context!

Counselling therapy is a process of exploration and discovery. Here you will be the focus and together we will find out how to provide you with a safe and inspiring space. A therapeutic space is a fertile ground on which to learn how to kindly put all the pieces of your puzzle back together. Therapy naturally brings about changes, leading to loving and accepting every aspect of your life.

Life throws many things at us which can knock us off our feet. Many of my clients have come to counselling feeling anxious, sad, frustrated, lonely, angry, depressed, feeling lost, experiencing relationship difficulties, or just really stuck and in each case, we have been able to work together to change those feelings.  I have a particular interest in trauma and what therapists call chronic or toxic shame: an enduring sense of worthlessness, badness, or non-belonging that is the legacy of unresolved early wounds.

Free yourself from Stress and Struggle Through Therapy.
I believe your story is the most powerful tool you have got.